For Schools
1. Why does Enriched exist?

Enriched grew out of our founder's concern for two issues: teacher sustainability and the need for enrichment in schools. We see every moment of the school day as an opportunity to engage, inspire and empower. When amazing people from the community bring their talents and experiences into schools, teachers can relax knowing that their students will be even more engaged than when they left.

2. What is your vetting process?

Our process gathers a number of key data points any school leader would want to know about: experience and education, ability to adapt, teamwork skills, presence, and more. We use a multi-method process that includes reference and background checks, interviews, lesson plan samples, sample teaching, and feedback sessions. By the time our educators reach you, we are confident that they will be a great fit for your school.

3. How do I request a guest teacher?

There are two easy ways to request a guest teacher - via text message to 504-521-7882 or directly from your login page. Just let us know what dates you need coverage and information about your class. We get to work right away finding the right person for the role. You’ll receive confirmations by text so you know we’ve got you covered. Enriched handles all aspects of payroll and scheduling.

4. How do you ensure high quality learning experiences?

We are passionate about facilitating engaging, inspiring, and empowering student experiences. To this end, we are intentional in our matching process to ensure quality fit; we check in with our partners and educators on a routine basis to assess performance; and we use feedback to curate professional development opportunities for our teachers. We are serious about feedback.

5. How do you match educators with my school?

Our educators create an in-depth profile that includes their education, experience, passions, and availability. We add to this profile through our vetting process, resulting in a detailed understanding of our educators and where they’d fit well. Using the documents you provide, we prepare our educators for your school before they even get to your front door. For last minute substitute positions, we make the best match based on the subject, availability and school preferences. As a school leader, you can also request educators that you know and love.

6. What kinds of people work with Enriched?

We are honored to work with incredible educators, professionals, and creatives from every sector. These include veteran teachers with 20+ years of experience, youth workers, community leaders, professional artists, graduate students, stay at home mothers/fathers, TFA alumni and staff, former teachers in other professions, and dynamic professionals with passions to share. New and amazing people join the network every day, and each brings their own flair to classrooms across our partner network.

For Educators
1. What are you looking for in an Enriched educator?

We believe that every adult in the building matters. We look for people with passion for what they do, commitment to education, and proven experience working with young people. Moreover, we look for people who can play well on a team, adapt quickly to new situations, and are continuously seeking to improve their practice. We believe that diversity of background and perspective leads to a stronger community of educators, and strive to recruit educators who reflect the communities they serve.

2. What kinds of job opportunities do you offer?

Schools request all kinds of support, including hall monitors, coaches, enrichment specialists, guest lead teachers, and paraprofessionals. The duration and frequency of these roles can vary--some are one-day commitments and others could be several months. In addition to school positions, we occasionally place educators in tutoring or administrative roles. We try our best to match you with roles that suit your schedule, your skills, and your interests.

3. What support and professional development can I expect?

One of our core commitments is to create a community of practice for our educators. We offer monthly "Enriched Unplugged" sessions where any educator in our talent network can run a workshop. We recently collaborated with TeacherGym to provide a practice-based training session. Moreover, we regularly send event and practice recommendations to help you meet your own learning goals.

4. I have a weird schedule. Will that make it hard for me to work with you?

Not at all! You can put your weird schedule directly into your profile. We'll send you invitations to school positions that match your availability, which you can update at any time. You can even customize the frequency at which you receive notice of opportunities.

5. How do you make sure that the opportunities you send will be the right fit?

We use the information from your profile and our in-person interview to tailor your opportunities. We see our engagement with you as an ongoing relationship, and strive to improve our understanding of your work preferences and interests over time. We also provide clear information about positions up front, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to accept an invitation.

6. When do we get paid?

We pay twice a month, via direct deposit or check. Rates are based on experience required and the nature of the position.