How it works
  • Icon_request Request

    Partners let us know the type of support they'll need and we get right to work finding the right person for the job. Our educators tell us when they're available and what they love to teach so that we can make the best match possible.

  • Icon_connect Connect

    Partners invite our educators to join their school for a day, a week, or even a semester. Whether you need Dewey decimals or downward dog, we've got you covered.

  • Enrich-index-page-icon Enrich

    Once a match is made, our educator will bring their unique gifts and talents to your class, office, or playground. We handle all the details of payroll, vetting, and support so that our partners can relax knowing that their students are in good hands.

  • School_image Enrich your school
    • Last-minute or pre-scheduled guest teachers
    • Long-term or short-term lead, assistant or support staff
    • Partial, full-day, or after-school support
  • How-it-work-icon Enrich your child
    • Academic, enrichment, college and career coaching
    • Content-specific tutoring
    • Tailored scheduling
  • Organisation_image Enrich your organization
    • Staff workshops and team-building
    • Short- or long-term operational support
    • Tailored scheduling